Business Rates are an increasingly significant annual cost for any occupier.   The Valuation List is currently in the process of revision and revaluation by the Government’s Valuation Office Agency (the ‘VOA’) and the resultant revised Ratable Values will be published and adopted next year with effect from 1st April 2017. In order to minimize liability and ensure fairness on behalf of client occupiers and to minimize occupational costs for landlords on lettings, we are able to check the valuation adopted and challenge the basis in terms of value and the material facts of each case.

We advise on the merits or otherwise of mounting an appeal and where we believe a reduction in Rateable Value and resultant savings can be achieved, our service provides a reappraisal and revaluation, the lodging of an appeal against the assessment, undertaking negotiations with the VOA and the agreement of a suitably corrected and revised valuation on behalf of the client.

In the event that an agreement cannot be reached and it is felt that the argument in favour of a reduction is strong, we are able to prepare a full case and represent clients at an appeal hearing before the Valution Tribunal as necessary.

We have achieved significant reductions in Rateable Values under the last Rating List on behalf of clients saving sizeable sums in reduced rates liability. The service is exceptionally cost effective for clients with fees clearly linked to the results achieved.


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